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Our Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan, 1st Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu and 4th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing, started training in the martial arts in 1985. All of our martial arts classes are conducted by fully qualified instructors; the foundations of the classes rest securely on ancient martial arts as opposed to aerobic qualifications. In 1998 in Borehamwood, Kelly decided to pass on her expertise to others. Following that, in 1999, she then launched KB Kickboxing in Central London. Kelly (KB) couldn’t keep up with the demand, swiftly growing from 60 students to 760 memberships. KB Kung Fu was introduced in 2004 and KB Self Defence was born thereafter. Actually, so was KB Dance, KB Tai Chi, KB Core, KB Pilates and KB Yoga; as a result, the KB Fitness brand was born, to encompass all disciplines offered.

Nowadays, we solely offer training in the martial arts, so KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence and KB Kung Fu.

We’ve been established for over two decades because our classes are not just about physical arms and legs being converted into punches and kicks, but instead, our instructing team's intention is to teach on a spiritual level, to bring out the fire within you, so that you're roaring and soaring in and outside of our dojo. Our classes are popular because our intention is to teach an art form, improve our members' confidence and fitness, at the same time as providing the forum for making new friends and having lots of fun. KB Fitness is a safe (COVID secure), positive and vibey environment. Our members immediately sense that the ambience in our training space is rare and consequently very special - a great place to unwind. Egos are kicked out the door at KB. A relaxed and welcoming group of instructors and training peers await you. Most importantly, all members are free to be themselves, without discrimination of any kind.

When there is no lockdown, our classes are simultaneously in Euston and online, catering to adult beginners, right through to Black Belts (children can train online as well). One of the benefits of learning martial arts is the fact that it is progressive. Students experience a marked and measured improvement as each month passes. One way to measure that progress is to take belts; a staged grading syllabus is highly rewarding. It’s not obligatory at KB Kickboxing though, entirely up to you. In fact, every student is free to progress at their own pace. In the earlier stages of training, there is no pressure to get things absolutely 'right' but always encouragement and guidance to try and improve technical performance. Kelly (KB) is on hand on an ongoing basis via WhatsApp and email to ensure that every one of our students is happy with their technical prowess and progression. The teaching team will accompany you every step of the way in your martial arts journey.

There are so many things we can be doing in our spare time; we highly recommend you add training in the martial arts into the mix of your work-life balance. Despite having to step out of their comfort zone, all of our members are delighted that they took the plunge, as you’ll see in our member testimonial videos.

There’s a profound positivity within our training space, which is contrary to an often hostile wider world. Everybody nurtures, encourages and praises one another, celebrating each other’s progress.

So come and roar in the uplifting KB Kickboxing classes, experiencing highs you didn’t know could be reached through fitness training. Feel empowered by our KB Self Defence classes, enabling you to walk that much taller, with a newfound level of confidence. Learn an ancient art form, at KB Kung Fu, cementing your foundations as a martial artist.


The lineage is significant in the martial arts, with one generation passing on their knowledge to the next. For example, Kelly Bunyan was taught by 5-time world champion, Kevin Brewerton. Kelly (KB) is now assisted by a team of highly qualified, proficient instructors who she personally taught; some of them can be seen in this video. Dee Terret will be your main instructor. You’ll start out in her beginner entry classes, then progress to Kelly (KB)’s classes once you’re addicted to training in the martial arts and committed to the Unlimited training scheme.

All KB Instructors are qualified, first aided and hold licences for insurance purposes, awarded to them by WAKO, a respected body which has many representatives throughout the world.

The team have the ability to motivate and boost confidence, at the same time as being patient and committed to ensuring that each and every one of their students is satisfied with their progress.

Kelly said: “I believe every kind of person can benefit greatly in the areas of self-confidence, physical conditioning, and personal growth through training in the martial arts. I LOVE seeing student after student benefiting from training in my school.” With 35+ years of experience, Kelly has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to all who train with her.