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Do you struggle to feel motivated to get a workout in of a day? It'll be a thing of the past if you join our Kickboxing classes. 

Our London Kickboxing classes appeal to people looking for an alternative, engaging way to work out. The cardio-blasting nature of our Kickboxing classes near King's Cross and Euston is highly addictive. Punching, kicking, blocking and moving at an accelerated pace is an exhilarating way to fight against a more sedentary way of life.

Aside from water breaks, a stretch and the time it takes the instructor to provide clear, concise instruction, you'll be moving the whole hour. All of our members would tell you that being a martial artist at KB Kickboxing has pushed their fitness to an unprecedented level. 

Due to Kelly Bunyan’s Black Sash in Kung Fu (passed in 1991), KB Kickboxing’s style is very much rooted in the ancient chinese martial art. You can learn more about our Chief Instructor, here. Our instructors and members are very welcoming; they look forward to sharing the martial arts with you. As a united team, our classes generate an electric, collective energy - come and be charged by the 'KB Generator.'


KB Kickboxing's approach to teaching Kickboxing techniques is quite revolutionary in the world of martial arts. Kelly's style of Kickboxing is very different to all other Kickboxing schools; it is unique. She has applied her extensive knowledge of Kung Fu, Boxing and Kickboxing to ensure that the martial arts is accessible to all.

Each class lasts for one hour. The lesson begins with a 10 minute warm-up, which incorporates punching and blocking. After a 7-10 minute stretch, the remainder of the class involves kicking and punching. The classes incorporate air work and pad work, the latter being great for self-defence, learning where to be stood to land a strike is key.

Our members’ skills are also perfected by sparring with other students (controlled, equipped contact practice). Our lessons are semi-contact, focused on boosting morale, not demoralising. Violence and aggression do not exist in KB Fitness's vocabulary. Martial arts training within our school is highly controlled. The focus of our classes is not to hit hard and 'damage' other members of the class - everybody's got to go to work the next day after all. Some of our students never wish to spar, which is absolutely fine. There is never any contact with another person for these students, they just work in the air or onto gloves. 

New ideas and techniques are introduced week by week. The first classes should be treated as a starting block. Starting from the basic stance, students learn the Kickboxing moves step by step. Special attention is given to you so that you are learning at a speed that is suited to you. Every lesson provides new Kickboxing tips and advice.

Our lessons meet the demands of the experienced and fit, as well as complete beginners and those of us whom could be fitter. All the classes will push you consistently through new limits, although you will be encouraged to choose your own pace throughout the session.

An example: if the task is to throw 2 side kicks, you can kick just once if that is sufficient for you; after a few classes you’ll be able to do 2.

All in all, the classes really work you hard. The music and collective energy keeps your adrenaline going and the buzz comes from the high-impact routine (you can train at a lower impact if you need to). A great work out, leaving you feeling fantastic afterwards. The lessons are not 'set to' music as such, the beat is just a motivational force working with the instructor to push you.


Kick to the top: at KB Kickboxing, we teach people to soar, through finding their inner fire. Join the school and be ignited. It takes a lot to step into the unknown, but once you edge outside of the safe parameters of your current lifestyle, the benefits are life-changing: There is a great, uplifting vibe and energy in our classes.

Training with us stimulates the mind and develops inner strength. It's an excellent way to relieve - by shouting, punching and kicking out - stress. Our members are literally walking taller, with so much more gusto.

> Have you been feeling lethargic? The Kickboxing workout will certainly energise you. It really is addictive, you'll be raring to go from the off. The more you practise, the more alive you'll feel.

Does getting into better shape matter to you - are there some clothes that you really want to get into? If so, combining the classes with our nutritional and weight training advice will help you fit into them.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? Having a new focus in life, a form of escapism, can give you just the boost you need to fight back. When becoming skilled in something as powerful as the martial arts, it is impossible not to actually feel empowered.

> Were you always rubbish at sport / the last person to be picked for the school team? Training in the martial arts is SO confidence-boosting, because EVERYBODY can excel in it. Our proven system can unleash the inner martial artist in the least sporty person. If you were great at sport, it's another string to add to your bow.

We could go on and on, pointing out all of the positive outcomes - of which there is a copious amount. However, isn't it best to just dive in and get started? If you agree...



If you would like more information, know that our Kickboxing classes improve endurance, strength, muscle tone, co-ordination, balance and flexibility - consistently challenging and shaping the body. 

KB Kickboxing will get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life. There is a, "yes I certainly can" mentality. With a constant reminder to believe in yourself, to strive for excellence rather than approach your training without 'oomph.' The instructing team focus on the mental approach as well as the physical approach to your training and it makes a world of difference to the end results. In summary:

> Stress-busting> Be alert> Improve focus
> Boost energy levels> Increase stamina> Self-defence
> Be confident> Improve self-esteem> Have fun

In our friendly school, fitness will undoubtedly improve within the first few weeks, as the body is strengthened and conditioned. Be prepared to ache a little after the first class, as you will discover muscles that have not been used for a while, if ever!

The opportunity to follow the Kickboxing Syllabus and take Gradings is possible, advancing belt by belt up to black belt standard. Perhaps just improving your fitness is of interest to you - your choice - you are free to clearly define your own goals.

The classes are there for your benefit and can therefore be tailored to your needs through the available Q&A Progress Calls and 1-2-1 WhatsApp Instruction.

Whatever the motivation for taking up a Kickboxing class in London or online, we are more than willing to cater to your preferences. Originally, the martial arts were created in order to preserve life through self defense. Nowadays, people come from a variety of backgrounds.

Not only does Kickboxing provide all of the above but KB Kickboxing also has a great sociable feel for those interested in making new friends. Many friendships and several relationships have been formed through training and sweating together. The social aspect is highly recommended as it encourages attendance and commitment. So, if you are genuinely left feeling nothing short of fantastic, then... 




We believe that our lessons are a worthwhile investment for you and your colleagues.

We offer a high energy session incorporating punches and kicks, focusing on relieving stress. If you fancy doing a little light exercise or learning some self-defence techniques, we can arrange that for you.

If you'd like us to build a 'competition' element into the event, we can create a class similar to the video here, with relays incorporating self defence, partner practice, races. It can be such great fun.