Kickboxing Class Times | Self Defence Classes


Our London Kickboxing school will help you to find a new vibrant energy very quickly - literally after one class. 

If you're looking for a welcoming, unintimidating place to get super fit, meet new people and feel great, you've found the right place.

We're offering fitness classes, yes, but with an exciting, engaging edge. Punching and kicking your way to a new level of fitness is exhilarating. Superb for your physical health and mental health. 

Train and feel like a champion in our safe, friendly martial arts classes. Our physical Kickboxing and Kung Fu classes are held in between Euston, King’s Cross and Mornington Crescent’s tube stations. 

The full address will be sent to you once you book your spot. People from all over the UK travel to central London to practise martial arts with us. For example, from Cambridge, Dover - our dojo is well worth the journey.

It’s a super plush studio, with mirrors, high ceilings, a sprung floor and changing facilities. Being so central, with so many tubes and bus routes nearby, it’s easy to get to.

If energy, growth, balance, focus, or anything related to mental and physical fitness matters to you, then... 



Our female-led martial arts classes are held in our London dojo and simultaneously live streamed online.


MON 6pm-7pm KB KICKBOXING Euston | Online
MON 7pm-8pm  KB SELF DEFENCE Euston | Online
TUE 6pm-7pm KB KICKBOXING Euston | Online
TUE 7pm-8pm KB KICKBOXING Euston | Online
TUE 8pm-9pm KB KUNG FU Euston | Online
WED 6pm-7pm KB KICKBOXING Euston | Online
WED 7pm-8pm KB KICKBOXING Euston | Online

Please note that the Tuesday classes are for more experienced students, rather than the KB Kickboxing beginner members. The beginner membership gives you access to the live Monday and Wednesday classes in Euston on a weekly basis (KB Kickboxing classes and KB Self Defence classes). If you can't make the live classes in Euston, you can attend archived kickboxing classes and self-defence classes 24/7.

The more experienced students are also able to attend KB Kung Fu in London, as well as kung fu classes online 24/7, with full access to all archived live feeds. Our members also have access to pre-recorded 1-2-1 training sessions, including abs and weights workouts. Mail us if you would like to get started.

KB Fitness is a nurturing and uplifting environment to be part of.