Welcome to the KB Members Website. If ever you have any concerns about anything to do with KB Fitness, please mail kellyfn@kbfitness.co.uk, so that we can resolve the issue and keep the school a happy place to train in.

As you progress from week to week, you’re free to decide what your goals are. To get fit, to get the next belt, to become a champion or whatever. The KB Instructors' goals are to ensure the following:

> That you are having fun
> That you don’t feel intimidated
> That your flexibility improves - and therefore your kicks get higher
> That your fitness and stamina improve - your blocks and punches get snappier
> That the space we train in is safe from any form of discrimination
> That you constantly feel challenged and that you are learning
> That every individual student’s progress is valued
> Respecting the fact that everybody progresses at different paces

Our intention is to ensure that you are left feeling fantastic every time you train with us.

THANK YOU for ensuring our school is a safe space to train in. It’s great to know that we can all be proud to be ourselves, without any form of discrimination. Ego and macho free, our training space is very rare and consequently very special.

Thank you too for your continued support. Your commitment to your training is admirable, the teaching team is very proud of you.

Our focus is to help every single one of you improve. We thrive on watching and assisting your progress - whether you are practising KB Kickboxing, KB Kung Fu, or KB Self Defence, the KB Team is ready to assist you. We can monitor in an hour's class every person's progress. So if we don't mention anything to you about your techniques, assume you're on the right track and keep pushing.

It's hard for us to get to talk to all of you during the week. Perhaps you would like to meet the KB Team socially. Meet us at the next social.

WHO IS KB (Kelly Bunyan)?: CLICK HERE for a few words.


KB Owner | Chief Instructor: Kelly (KB) Bunyan kelly@kbfitness.co.uk

KB Administrator: Kelly (FN) Fiestas Navas: kellyfn@kbfitness.co.uk

020 7 681 0114 (9-5pm) | 07881 957977 (answer machine)


Please arrange payments into the following account:

Account Name: KB Fitness Ltd.

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If you cannot find the answer to your question on this site (please do take a look first) then email kellyfn@kbfitness.co.uk. You can expect an answer to your mail within an hour within office hours.

If you've not made it to class recently, then please email Kelly FN so that we can guide you back in. Often people lose their confidence and put off coming back, when there is always a way around the fear. Touch base with us to help you move forwards with your intention to be a martial artist.


If you would like to treat somebody to a KB memberships, or somebody would like to buy you some kit, know that we issue gift vouchers. Please email us for details.