This week, KB members have come together to support Sushil, one of our newer members, in her fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Sushil posted on the KB WhatsApp group asking for the support of the KB members. She found, not only support in the form of donations, but also words of comfort and encouragement.

Sushil took on the “Give 5 Challenge”, on which she completed a five-day activity for five weeks, with the aim to raise awareness that “what is good for your heart is good for your brain.” 

An admirable cause indeed. 

To an outsider, it may seem strange that members of a sports club would support one another in such a way. However, KB is a martial arts school and steeped in respect, love and care, so such support is a common occurrence.

Even during lockdown, when some of our members have not ever met in person, the bonds created are strong and personal. Sushil ended up surpassing her initial goal of £200, reaching more than £800.

She sent a message to thank all the members who supported her, sharing her joy at having achieved her goal and celebrating being a part of such a loving community: “It couldn’t have happened without all of your help and I, from the bottom of my heart, just want to say thank you & I am glad I became a part of this family. Cheers!”

Tim Johnson, one of the members who helped Sushil achieve her goal, responded: “KB is an amazing family, a transformative place full of support and encouragement, so glad you love it as much as we all do.”

Truer words were never spoken, Tim. 

Come and be a part of our positive, caring community. 




With almost a quarter of a century's history, many students and instructors have been part of KB Fitness’ journey, teaching Kickboxing classes, Self Defence classes and Kung Fu to thousands of Londoners.




It is common to ask someone why they joined our martial arts school in London. The answers will be varied: fitness, discipline, confidence, fun, want to become a black belt, and so on. But the real question to be asked is why do they stay?




The healing nature of training in the martial arts is often overlooked. Keeping fit and having fun seem to be the main motivators for signing up to martial arts classes, but there are so many more benefits to be derived from training in such an ancient art form, particularly at KB Fitness.



Our members suggest you join KB Fitness to … “get fit, recharge, release endorphins, look forward to exercise, learn something new, have a great work-life balance, set goals, be addicted to boosting your well-being.” Jane mentions that the teaching team cares, it’s true, we really do. We want to motivate and lift you to a whole new high. Fancy benefiting in the same way?