The lockdowns got in the way of our usual self-defence classes in London. However, now that we are able to do pad work again, we are delighted to announce the return of our physical KB Self Defence classes on Mondays at 7pm. Self defence classes are an integral part of martial arts training. Kelly Bunyan, our Chief Instructor, often says:

“What is the point of knowing how to kick and punch, if you don’t know how to get somebody off of you when pinned to a bed, or being strangled up against a wall?”
This is why our members have to complete a self defence course in between each KB Kickboxing grading, to ensure they are best able to protect themselves.
Are you fearful of being alone and attacked?

Physical combat may not come naturally to a lot of people, but self-defence is more about a state of mind than body strength. You don't have to be an aggressive person, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings, think ahead and avoid hazardous situations. Sadly, as a very last resort, people are forced to fight back. The classes are taught with the aim to empower you to fight back, should the worst happen. Our members will tell you that their confidence has been boosted by attending our self-defence classes. Obtaining a newfound self-belief that they will have more of a chance of knowing what to do in an unpleasant situation is priceless.

One member, Jess, confirms:

“I find self defence very interesting as you do learn a huge amount if you take regular classes and practice regularly. You learn a lot about the body and how to utilise balance, joint manipulation, strikes, pressure points, etc. It's empowering to have that knowledge and those skills, even if you never have to use them. It's also very enjoyable to train self defence, as there is a lot of variety. Something that definitely grew on me as I got more experienced was the challenge of executing the techniques quickly, under pressure.” – Jess Baker, one of our Self Defence instructors, who has trained with Kelly for the past 18 years.

All genders benefit from training with us. Lloyd adds:

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence from the London self defense classes - I don’t feel as nervous when walking through certain areas because I think I would have a better chance of defending myself than before doing them. I like the simplicity of the manoeuvres; it has made it easier for me to build up muscle memory on what to do in certain scenarios. The level of repetition also helped with that.”

It is a fact that the more you practise, the easier it is to remember the techniques, and the higher the chance that you'll be able to call upon your knowledge if you should be subjected to an attack. Through repetition, the moves get into your muscle memory.

We have offered our Self Defence classes online for the past year and all our members loved the convenience of practising from home, at the time of their choice. They are now excited to be able to train in person.

Striking the right balance between having fun and learning something serious, the classes are taught by Dee Terret, ex-Met Police Officer, and Officer Safety Instructor the classes. Dee says:

"Teaching people how to feel safer is one of my passions. I love empowering others and seeing our students' confidence grow."

Ready to be transformed into a force of strength?




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