The drought is over! After 17+ months without any sparring, let alone a competition, we held our first kickboxing tournament last night and it did not disappoint! Everybody involved was elated to be present at our al fresco event, all experiencing a wonderful high.

KB Fitness has been running its own league for years, so when government policy dictated the conditions for our training, having to put the brakes on for such a prolonged period was a veritable loss.

As soon as it was announced last month that the next event was imminent, the school was beside itself with excitement. An outpouring of enthusiasm frequented both class and the school's WhatsApp group. Not one person failed to realise how special it is to once again be able to do what we love.

This is for a number of reasons. For example, despite the competitive nature, tournaments are where the school unites. The collective energy generated by the spectators and participants is powerful - a positive mix of nerves, pride and joy.

The atmosphere is never aggressive. In fact, in a show of unparalleled camaraderie, the competitors always high-five and hug each other.  

In keeping with tradition, the spectators (and KB Chief Instructor!) enthusiastically roared, 'phwoarr!' throughout the event, whenever they witnessed a well-placed and timed shot. Endless cheers too, to show their appreciation for the courage the competitors have to step forward and give it a go.

Gracie realised we should take the opportunity whilst we can and competed for the first time! After the event, she said: 

“Wow, well done everyone! Kelly, thank you so much for preparing us and organising the tournament and for your constant support. Thank you, KB Family for the fab encouragement! You were amazing! Great to watch you all smash it!”

After so many months without being able to spar, and even without being able to train in the same kickboxing class, the return of tournaments is certainly a big reason to celebrate and be grateful. Jess added: 

“Thank you Kelly, for your patience, persistence and unfailing encouragement, keeping us all working on our sparring, even when we couldn’t spar. We are lucky to have such a dedicated Chief Instructor.”

Everybody demonstrated a high quality of technical prowess. Congratulations to all involved, particularly to Jenny, who after a 7 month break to have her baby, returned to score a copious amount of points and retain her KB champion crown.

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