Sensing the uneasiness amongst their million-strong following, Neverfullydressed reached out to KB Fitness, asking for an introduction to self-defence to be livestreamed on their Instagram page. 

It is most beneficial when high profile brands suggest a solution to an ongoing problem such as this; raising awareness of the need to learn self-defence is useful.

You never know, somebody watching might well benefit from watching the livestream. Even if it just makes them walk that but taller, making them less of a target.

8000+ views later, many Neverfullydressed followers have expressed gratitude, stating that the brief insight to self defence was very useful. 

That's the thing, self defence classes at KB Fitness are certainly practical. Susan Griffiths agreed, 'brilliant few things that could make a big difference."


It is undoubtedly true, knowing effective techniques could make all the difference if the worst should happen. It stands to reason that knowing something would put you in a better position than somebody who knows nothing. 

The skills learnt in our self defense classes in London appeal to all ages. After viewing the class on Instagram, Byxudesign said:

"thank you, I will share with my three teen daughters."

Indeed, people of all ages should be forward thinking and sign up to learn a potentially life-saving skill. Unfortunately, youngsters as well as adults may well find themselves in a situation where they have to fight back.

KB Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan (KB), said of her KB Self Defence classes: 

"Sadly, all too often, we are teaching victims of attacks. If only people were more proactive than reactive, they might give themselves a fighting chance. Without any knowledge, any chance rapidly dissipates."

Our self-defence classes in London are held in the Euston area on Monday and Thursday, alternatively they can be attended online any time. 

It is a sad fact that more and more people are reaching out to self-defence schools like ours out of fear for their safety. With the tragic high profile murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, women particularly are being forced to think about what they can do to combat the threat.

Interested in doing something to help you fight back, should you be in the awful situation where you need to? Why not gift yourself and somebody you care about a class? Yes, a serious subject matter, but the lessons are taught in a fun, empowering, uplifting manner. 






At KB Fitness, our mission extends far beyond just teaching KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence and KB Kung Fu techniques. We are dedicated to guiding our students on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowering them to unlock their true potential.




In the bustling world of today, where multitasking has become the norm, finding moments of pure concentration and focus can be a rarity. However, for our members these moments are not only achievable but a fundamental part of their training.




Chief Instructor Kelly KB recently shared her thoughts on achieving success in martial arts, blending personal wisdom with the guiding principles that underpin the martial arts journey at KB Fitness.



Our members say in this video, “KB has made me … fitter, healthier, energised, stronger, happier, flexible, thinking positive …” There are so many more benefits offered by our Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Self Defence classes. Lisa even says our school has made her believe in herself. Considering our members are reaping all these rewards, would you like to benefit from our martial arts classes too?