Londoners all seem to agree - KB Fitness has got it going on! Offering Kickboxing classes in London, along with self-defence classes and Kung Fu, our school is carving a positive, unique training space for people to feel alive and thrive.

After the prolonged lockdown period, when everything seemed so uncertain for so many, Londoners are now keen to get their lives back on track and discover a new way to achieve top level fitness.

Our martial arts school has been inundated with enquiries and new members, so much so that we are pleased to announce the opening of 2 new weekly classes at our second dojo.

Now offering 6 weekly KB Kickboxing classes (including Kung Fu), plus 2 weekly KB Self Defence classes, our training schedule is enabling our members to be fighting fit in no time.

KB Fitness has been helping people discover a passion for the martial arts for 22+ years. Keeping up with tradition, a brand new generation of martial artists have come to discover all things KB! It is not only for fitness reasons that Londoners are gravitating towards their newfound pastime. Additionally, it is the endorphin release, the camaraderie, the sense of belonging - the list goes on and on.

Kelly Fiestas Navas, who has been with the school for 7 years and will be taking her Brown Belt in December confirms:

“I got to class last week, and it put a huge smile on my face to see so many new people! Also, so cool to see the ones who are finding their feet in the school, dipping their feet in sparring, and putting their name down to the next available grading date to take their first belt. One of the newer students told me "I felt a huge sense of pride after putting on my KB uniform for the first time." Their enthusiasm feeds my own enthusiasm!”

The importance of a healthy lifestyle is unquestionable, as well as knowing what to do in a self-defense situation, which is why we have decided to open the second KB Self Defence class in London on Thursday. Our members can attend both classes, or choose the one that best aligns with their work schedule.

Members are over the moon with excitement about the new Thursday classes and are delighted the school is welcoming so many new members. Marianne, who is one of the KB instructors, teaching the new Thursday classes said:

“The first night in the new dojo last night was really joyful! Older students were glad to have their fourth night of training back, and newer students were celebrating having even more choice of when and how to train. And as for me, I'm really looking forward to teaching your lesson plans on Thursdays alongside Jess, to helping students fulfil their KB potential, and to seeing the school grow. ❤ Teaching is a great way to learn, and so regular teaching also helps me improve. How lucky am I?”

Are you keen to find your passion, learn to protect yourself, and get super fit? 




Martial arts training has many different aspects, and different methods of delivering the traditional teachings that are passed down from master to student. Of these aspects, one of the most popular amongst KB members is sparring, which is fighting in a controlled manner. Sparring entails kicking, punching and blocking work with a partner, whilst wearing protective equipment.




Martial arts training requires focus, resilience, discipline and patience. Progression takes time, and can at times be challenging. In a world where negative thoughts may be the norm, where it may be easier to give up than persevere, KB Fitness’ martial arts classes London teach KB members to keep fighting and that, with practise, there is nothing they can’t master.




Inspired by one of our YouTube videos, KB members shared what they have gained from their KB Fitness training by completing the sentence “KB has made me…” in the school’s WhatsApp group.



Many of our members have been with us for almost 2 decades. Some members explain why training in the martial arts at KB Fitness is so good for you. They confirm that their confidence, fitness, body shape, stamina and flexibility have improved. Adam particularly believes he’s sleeping better as a direct result of Kickboxing, as well as feeling boosted.