Self Defence can be hugely beneficial for people living with disability. Generally speaking, British society cares and looks after disabled members of the community. Unfortunately, due to their vulnerabilities, people living with disability are victimised by crime at a disproportionate rate compared to their peers.

Research conducted by Victim Support found that there has been a 3.7% rise in crimes committed against people with one or more disabilities. One way for people living with disability to protect themselves is through self defence, which offers lots more benefits too with regards to other areas of life.

Protecting the home  Studies, including one important 2021 journal published by BMC, have shown that people with disabilities are more likely to be the target of burglaries. 

Keeping your home secure is essential in ensuring you and your valuables are kept secure, but the demand is arguably even higher for those living with disability. The advancement of technology means there are a wide range of home security options, from smart locks to video doorbells, to help protect the home and for those living with disability to retain their independence. However, having self-defence skills can add that extra layer of assurance, and learning these skills has added benefits.

Physical benefits  Disability can often preclude people from partaking in highly demanding sports. Self defence, however, is a gentle way to get great physical exercise and can improve aspects of fitness including strength, flexibility and stamina. Furthermore, it will help to develop skills at the same time as exercise, which is a valuable way to save time. Exercises that deal with your natural body weight and flexibility are also great at gradually improving fitness and avoiding injuries.

Mental wellbeing  Self defence can also provide a range of mental benefits that can be of particular help to people living with disability. According to British Taekwondo, self-defence is known to increase confidence and self-esteem and improve levels of focus and self discipline. This can be highly beneficial to a person living with a disability. Confidence helps you in developing more independence plus, when it comes to practising self defence, assertiveness and calmness can be hugely beneficial. 

With so many benefits, self-defence in London can be a great undertaking even for disabled people who are at lower risk of being a victim of crime. As a form of exercise, it can lend itself perfectly to the types of physical and mental gain that do so much for personal independence.

Written by Jennifer Dawson.






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