The thought of punching or kicking somebody to score a point is admittedly, quite ominous! During our martial arts school's rich 22+ year history, 100s of people have signed up to do just that!

So what's so appealing then? If so many have taken part, there must be something that entices and then hooks them to repeat the experience.

Well for a start, the sense of pride and satisfaction of scoring a point is unprecedented. The endorphin rush is off the scale!

There is no denying that competition can be hostile, yet in our school it is quite deliberately the opposite. No egos, just controlled, skilful martial arts. Everybody smiles, encourages and respects one another. 

To get into it, newer students first spectate, then, when they witness that the ethos at KB Fitness is to nurture, rather than dominate, their self-confidence grows. 

Combined with the instructors' and peers' encouragement, the interest to step outside of the safe parameters of their comfort zone and onto the mat to compete emerges. It takes so much courage; everybody that has been brave enough has testified that it is well worth it. The reigning KB League Champion, Jen, had to step up for the first time once. All our members did. 

Our members’ positive encouragement creates a warm environment. The collective energy emitted by the crowd watching is electric. Cheering and smiling every time a point is scored. When a light contact head kick is scored, the whole room erupts with joy, shouting in a celebratory manner: "2-2-2-2-2-2-2!" (2 points that is). The crowd are always so supportive.

The mind plays such a pivotal role in competition. Self-belief equates to success. It's the same when training in our kickboxing classes. Our members are taught not to hold themselves back with self-doubt, but rather to give themselves a fighting chance with self-belief.  

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, there is always a lot to learn in the martial arts. At our London Kickboxing classes, we will not only help you progress, but progress with you, as a concerted unit, with a lot of fun and whooping in the mix.

Sparring and competing is not at all compulsory, but it is most definitely highly recommended in our kickboxing school in London.

Are you keen to get started and score your first "2-2-2-2-2?"




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