KB Members returned to classes last week, full of fire, ready to rid themselves of the extra holiday calories and achieve amazing goals in 2022.

Back for one week and already many new members have joined our Kickboxing classes in London. KB Kickboxing and KB Self Defence classes have been in high demand, which is great because our instructors are raring to go - to teach, inspire and share their passion for the martial arts.

The school had a break for two weeks over the Christmas period. However, do not be mistaken in thinking that our members were at home chilling and relaxing.

Nothing wrong with relaxing and spending time with family, of course. But our members had 24/7 access to catch up classes over the break and most did not take a long rest. They may not have trained at the same intensity, it was Christmas after all, but they are committed to their progress. 

As a result, they trained to archived recordings of the London martial arts classes, in preparation to take it up a gear when the in-person classes restarted. The level of excitement and passion is contagious. Two new members are taking it to the next level and will start sparring this week, already in anticipation of their first grading in June. 

“You guys are so kind and supportive and such a big help. KB is one of the only things at the moment that makes me happy and keeps me going.”, said Alice, who has set her goal and will take her blue belt at the next grading.

“I never felt so great with a group of people practising sports, this has just been a different experience, mentally and physically. I want to thank all of you because you are such amazing trainers.”, said Berta, one of the newer members who has set her goal to be excellent at whatever stage she may be in her martial arts career.

Are you ready to be inspired into setting and achieving your goals too? 




KB Fitness members who have achieved both the KB Kickboxing Black Belt and KB Kung Fu Black Sash are part of the ‘KB Elite Squad’. These dedicated students have achieved this excellent standard under the tutelage of Chief Instructor Kelly Bunyan (KB).




Chief Instructor Kelly Bunyan (KB) recently organised a KB Kickboxing White Belt Grading social like no other. Breaking away from tradition, KB members wore not only their new white belts, but every belt they had earned throughout their martial arts journey. This fun twist on the usual post-grading celebration meant members wearing up to seven different belts all at the same time – a very colourful display!




It’s often said that there is nothing so satisfying as aiming for a goal and achieving it. It has been an exciting few weeks at KB Fitness, as a group of beginner martial artists embarked on the final preparations to take their very first KB Kickboxing belt on Tuesday 12th March.



Our members say in this video, “KB has made me … fitter, healthier, energised, stronger, happier, flexible, thinking positive …” There are so many more benefits offered by our Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Self Defence classes. Lisa even says our school has made her believe in herself. Considering our members are reaping all these rewards, would you like to benefit from our martial arts classes too?