One year after the terrible murder of Sarah Everard, My London talked to KB Fitness’ Senior Instructor, Dee Terret, and a few of KB Fitness’ members about KB Self Defence classes in London and how they can help in feeling safer.

As Dee says in the video, KB Fitness has had a large increase in self-defence class enquiries, and many of the recent members have joined the classes for the self defence aspect. In many cases, their main objective is simply to not feel afraid when walking home at night.

“This is an important message on so many levels. I hope people get the sense of the empowerment that comes from being instructed by teachers that are deeply committed to improving our Self Defence skills.

But as stated in the video, being confident about assessing and reacting to a situation does not equate with safety,” says Kim, who joined KB Self Defence classes almost one year ago.

Indeed, with the rise of violence in London, not only against women, no one can claim to be safe. All KB Fitness can do is equip as many people as possible with tools that can potentially save their lives in a situation (when running is not an option).

“Very sad that the video has to be made but great that KB is able to support such a good cause in a way that could potentially save lives. Having just one move in the muscle memory could give you that split second to escape a dangerous situation so let’s hope even more people sign up for classes. Well done, KB-ers,” commends Adam, who has been training in KB Fitness's KB Kickboxing classes, KB Self Defence classes and KB Kung Fu classes for 7 years.

It is certainly a very worthy cause. KB Fitness believes in empowering people of all genders to live their lives with the knowledge that they would have a fighting chance, should the worst happen.

At KB Fitness’ London self defense classes, members of all ages are taught an array of simple techniques that work in a variety of scenarios, but only by practising these techniques over and over will they become instinctive. As Adam, says however, having just one move in the muscle memory can be pivotal in a worst-case scenario.

“Amazing that KB is having such a positive and empowering impact on so many people and has done so continuously well over 20 years now. Well done Kelly, Dee, Jess and Marianne for your continued hard work. It is really appreciated by all of us. Thank you,” said Chris Taylor, who took the opportunity to thank KB Fitness’ teaching team.

At KB Self Defence, we are eager to nurture and empower Londoners and we hope that more and more people see how valuable self-defence skills are.




Martial arts training has many different aspects, and different methods of delivering the traditional teachings that are passed down from master to student. Of these aspects, one of the most popular amongst KB members is sparring, which is fighting in a controlled manner. Sparring entails kicking, punching and blocking work with a partner, whilst wearing protective equipment.




Martial arts training requires focus, resilience, discipline and patience. Progression takes time, and can at times be challenging. In a world where negative thoughts may be the norm, where it may be easier to give up than persevere, KB Fitness’ martial arts classes London teach KB members to keep fighting and that, with practise, there is nothing they can’t master.




Inspired by one of our YouTube videos, KB members shared what they have gained from their KB Fitness training by completing the sentence “KB has made me…” in the school’s WhatsApp group.



Our members say in this video, “KB has made me … fitter, healthier, energised, stronger, happier, flexible, thinking positive …” There are so many more benefits offered by our Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Self Defence classes. Lisa even says our school has made her believe in herself. Considering our members are reaping all these rewards, would you like to benefit from our martial arts classes too?