The healing nature of training in the martial arts is often overlooked. Keeping fit and having fun seem to be the main motivators for signing up to martial arts classes, but there are so many more benefits to be derived from training in such an ancient art form, particularly at KB Fitness.

Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan (KB), personally provides a physical example of healing, “For a number of reasons, on recent teaching nights I have driven to class with a burning neck and shoulders - a direct result of pent-up tension. When energy is restricted in such a manner, it needs releasing.” 

This is what is so beautiful about training in our school, the classes prompt an immediate release. 

Kelly (KB) continues, “As soon as I start the first calls, I go into a zone, a protected realm that is rarely frequented in life, due to all the distractions at our fingertips and the multiple issues requiring our input at any given moment. The healing energy discovered in that flowing zone is profound. As a result, I am blessed to be able to benefit from the school in the same way as you do. By the end of the session, my neck and shoulders feel like they've been soothed by a masseuse. The movement, the breathing, and just 'being' enables our qi to flow without blockage, healing us.”

It is the same with our state of mind. We could be experiencing a whole array of negative emotions, but switching off and focusing purely on the next block, bow, kick or punch ensures that such negativity dissipates. Our minds might permit it to return at a later date but, in the dojo, if we are truly present then our minds calms. Coupled with the fact that everybody is constantly smiling and high fiving, there's no time to be melancholy, angry or whatever else one might have been feeling just a few minutes before.

Our members concur: “There is absolutely nothing like the power of KB for wiping out a stressful day and putting a massive smile on my face. LOVED being in our martial arts dojo. The endorphins are flowing,” said Beth in the school’s WhatsApp group after class.

“I often find that the simple act of bowing into the dojo does a great job of putting a barrier in front of anything that may be going on at the moment. And it's so good to know that we have this sanctuary of positivity! On days when work gets hectic or frustrating, knowing I'll be training in kickboxing classes in the evening gives me something to look forward to, and also helps to put things into perspective - the most stressful day can still end on a KB high!”, comments Frederike, who has been benefitting from the school’s healing positivity for over 6 years.

Kelly shares her own feelings about what KB healing means: “Running international freight networks has its ongoing challenges, so my martial arts classes in London do for me what they do for so many of our members. Escapism. I have often told my students that we don't just train in the martial arts, we feel it. Conveying that feeling in words, is like trying to bottle up the essence of love and selling it.”

Being swept up in the powerful energy KB Fitness in London offers cements our footing in a less clouded, more determined place. It enables us to be carried away by the momentum of something bigger than ourselves.

Are you ready to benefit from engulfing yourself in the healing energy KB Fitness classes provide?




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