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Learn how to defend yourself at KB Self Defence. Due to COVID-19, the classes are currently available online. If you can practise with somebody in your bubble, great. If not, you can stand tall and be strong on your own, learning simple but effective self-defence techniques. Experts in the martial arts, Kelly Bunyan, KB Fitness Chief Instructor and ex-Met police officer safety instructor, Dee Terret, both teach the 6 pre-recorded classes available online.

While the emphasis is on a non-aggressive response to threatening situations, you will learn straightforward ways to release yourself from grips and locks - you will also learn about pressure points, how to floor an assailant, as well as how to strike and disarm as a last resort.

The classes are a practical application of defence and combat techniques.

Self-defence has never been more important than it is in current times. You need training that is easy to learn but won't be easily forgotten. You need to be taught how to fight back when necessary. It is not always an option to run. We will teach you what to do if you are grabbed, pinned down on a bed or floor, or pushed up against a wall.

The Chief Instructor at KB Fitness, Kelly Bunyan, has always said that, “it is better to know something rather than nothing. It isn't about being fearful, it's just about being sensible and safe.”

Our classes are easy to learn, but hard to forget.



Our KB Self Defence classes last 1 hour. They cover personal safety awareness in your daily life as well as focusing on easy to remember and effective physical self-defence techniques. You do not need to have any martial arts experience, just a willingness to learn to protect yourself.

  • Mental awareness and attitude
  • Diffusing a situation
  • How to stand (stances)
  • Strikes - legs and arms
  • Grip & strangle releases
  • Joint manipulation and pressure points
  • Using body weight to your advantage
  • Floor and wall work

The classes are not violent nor aggressive and cater to everybody. All levels of fitness are welcome; please do not hesitate if you are unfit or a complete beginner.

Physical combat may not come naturally to a lot of people, but self-defence is more about a state of mind than body strength. You don't have to be an aggressive person, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings, think ahead and avoid hazardous situations.

The class will offer many practical techniques that may work in any number of different situations; whether it be an unwanted grope on the tube or something more serious.


Even if you only book one class, you will benefit tremendously. Be Keen, Be Bold: Be KB. The martial arts are a vehicle for physical, personal, social and emotional development.


  • Heightened awareness
  • Improved self confidence & self esteem
  • Stress relief


  • Your knowledge of martial arts will encourage you to walk taller, so as not to look like a victim.
  • An improved chance of being able to fight back with reasonable force, should this last resort be necessary.
  • Through knowledge of joint manipulation and pressure points, you will be able to get out of holds and strangles without too much force on the attacker. (Although we always advise our members to run away if possible).


Never underestimate the value of your life. You'll surely agree that your life is priceless.


Should you decide to join us, we have a great deal at the moment:

>>  6 online KB Self Defence classes  +
>>  6 FREE online KB Kickboxing classes = 12 classes

You're getting 2 martial arts classes for the price of 1 per week. If you do not fancy the Kickboxing class, then you will not lose out financially if you choose not to do them.

No contract, no obligation, no strings attached.

>> £60 for 12 online classes (just £5 per class)   +   >> £29 joining fee (40% discount applied)

Total value = £199     TOTAL YOU PAY: £89  (All prices include VAT)

You can take the classes any day online (including weekends), between 9am and 7pm. You will be given access to the Facebook group each time you would like to do a class. You have a maximum period of 6 weeks to complete them, but you’d be most welcome to do them sooner if you would like to.


If you'd like to try a class first, you can pay £15 per class. One FREE KB Kickboxing class is available on the Pay-Per-Class option.


“I finished the 6 week online self-defence course at the end of last week and really got so much out of it – thanks to you and Dee for putting the time and effort in to make the videos! I learned more from the online videos than from the live classes, not because of anything to do with teaching methods in class (all the KB instructors are awesome teachers), but because anxiety is not the optimum mental state for learning. So being at home and relaxed in my own environment I could absorb more than in the live classes that can often be stressful for me. I’d highly recommend the online self defence course to anyone who might be feeling nervous about taking live classes but wants to learn self-defence, so they can practise at home in a familiar environment and pause the videos if they need to, or start feeling stressed or triggered.”


KB Self Defence does not intend to lull you into a false sense of security. Kelly, KB Chief Instructor clarifies:

"Learning self-defence does not guarantee your safety. Nobody is definitely able to defend themselves, even we do not know that we are always safe. However, we believe it is better to know something rather than nothing, to increase your chance of being able to defend yourselves. Don't delay, sign up."

Physical intervention is a last resort to be used when you have no other option but to defend yourself. Practising the moves regularly over time is essential to try to ensure they become second nature and will render them far more effective in any real situation. So, once you finish your class, keep on performing these techniques on your own as part of your regular, ongoing exercise regime.


What better way to show your colleagues that you care about them than to arrange a KB Self Defence or stress busting class.

We always state: "Avoidance is always better than confrontation."

We believe that our lessons are a worthwhile investment for you and your colleagues. Due to COVID-19, we're not currently offering these classes in person, however, if you would like to arrange a class online, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

You can choose from the following:

(1) Self Defence class | (2) Stress busting Kickboxing class | (3) A combination of both