London Kickboxing School Reviews


Our members are always willing to share their enthusiasm for KB Fitness. They regularly share their positivity in our school WhatsApp group, as well as the school’s newsletter.

You can read some written testimonials below, as well as watch others tell you how much they love their training.

With so many happy people, suggesting you should reap the benefits too, isn’t it worth giving it a go and kick-starting your fitness at KB? We’re confident that you won’t look back once you step forward into our school.

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"Our school is totally unique, a place where we come together, grow as a group, as individuals and as martial artists in a completely ego free / fun and respectful training environment. Everyone in the school develops in positive ways and all because of the dedication and inspiration given by our chief instructor. Kelly is a total genius with regards to teaching and just an unbelievably inspirational and kind human being. There has been nobody more significant in my martial arts journey, or life for that matter, in the last decade than Kelly. Fact." Sonya Lynch (Training in KB Kung Fu, KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence since 2003)

"A gym membership can appear to be cheaper when you work out the number of hours you get for your money. However, at the gym, you don't get the individual level of care and attention (unless you pay for a personal trainer which is much more than KB's monthly fees). In our school, our instructors monitor everybody's progress. The Chief Instructor, Kelly, is available via email any time to answer questions about techniques, training etc. Our Senior Instructor, Dee, provides dietary and injury advice for free, as she's an expert sports massage therapist. Sue Pindar (Training in KB Kung Fu, KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence since 2003)


"My family were surprised to see me slimmed down and more toned than the last time. It's been a really productive year and I'm really happy wth the overall progress. I couldn't have achieved any of that if it wasn't for Kelly, Dalia and the rest of the team that kept pushing my/our limits. Kelly motivates us to keep going, retain our forms, keep shuffling, retain our technique and then we realise we still have more strength within to keep going. It is a truly unique experience and one needs to become part of it to understand what I'm talking about. The last year I feel I have improved my technique a lot, I've become faster and I have more stamina and strength than before. My kicks and punches look better and my sparring is more controlled." Apostolous Kelepouris (Training in KB Kung Fu, KB Kickboxing & KB Self Defence since 2015)

"Our school provides excellent lesson plans, grading days, tournaments and sparring classes. We receive so much encouragement and praise as we're pushed to better versions of ourselves. Our teaching team insists that our training space is safe, and friendly and positive. Kelly upholds with pride high standards of respect, etiquette and quality of training, awarding belts and sashes that are earned, never 'bought'. We're encouraged to have an attitude of gratitude and not one of apathy or negativity. We're cared for, not just about our safety but we're supported through countless life crises - financial and otherwise." Jess Baker (Training in KB Kung Fu, KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence since 2003)

"I started out in KB Self Defence, as I'd been violently attacked. I couldn't talk about the attack, it left me feeling worthless and damaged. The school really did help me to pick myself up off the floor and fight back against the fear and uncertainty. I can't thank KB Fitness enough for how it's helped me to come to terms with what I've been through - I'm an empowered version of me now and my self-confidence has been boosted. Anonymous (Training in KB Self Defence & KB Kickboxing since 2018) 


Our members say in this video, “KB has made me … fitter, healthier, energised, stronger, happier, flexible, thinking positive …” There are so many more benefits offered by our Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Self Defence classes. Lisa even says our school has made her believe in herself. Considering our members are reaping all these rewards, would you like to benefit from our martial arts classes too?