With 22 years under its metaphorical belt, KB Fitness' all-female teaching team has taught well over 8000 members! Over the years, a vast number of instructors have assisted Kelly Bunyan (KB), our martial arts school's Chief Instructor - to whom Kelly is eternally grateful as she couldn't have reached so many people without them.

Predominantly, for 20 of the years alongside Kelly, Dee Terret, has been dedicated to our school, delivering weekly kickboxing classes and self-defence classes with tremendous enthusiasm.

The teaching team's style is certainly animated and engaging, invigorating in fact. Our members state that our teaching team's enthusiasm is infectious.

Kelly and Dee can both be seen in the online martial arts class video here.

Our kickboxing school is renowned for the fact that it is owned and run by women - an extreme rarity in the martial arts. Such a unique training environment makes for a much more nurturing, warm experience, where our members feel safe and cared for. Egos are certainly left at the door. 

Lineage is very significant in the martial arts. Selecting the right people to 'carry the sword,' so to speak, from one generation to the next, matters. Kelly has always been very cautious to ensure that the ethos and respect at the root of her kickboxing school is handled with care by the team representing her. Passing down good technique from one generation to the next in her London kickboxing classes is essential, but more significantly, so is upholding the KB spirit. 

Assisting Kelly in her quest to touch as many people as humanly possible with her positivity, the female instructors alongside her have made an excellent contribution to the school. The team is currently made up of six women, two of whom returned to the KB fold in recent months, much to everybody's delight.

Returning after a necessary break, Debra Ross is delighted to be back, stating, “Kelly has always said that a true martial artist is always a martial artist - it is a way of life. So although I was forced to take a break, I am LOVING being back in the dojo with the KB family.” 

It is true, if martial arts becomes a veritable passion, reaching the depths of your core, it will always be a part of you.  A passion that passes from one generation to the next.

 Debra has had an excellent career in the martial arts, winning many trophies at competitions, achieving her KB Kickboxing Black Belt in December 2009, teaching 100s of students for Kelly on a weekly basis. Everybody is so happy to have such a motivational instructor back on the team, welcoming her with open arms to pick back up from where she left off.

The school was excited when one of Kelly’s prodigious students, Jenny Whinney, announced that she would be making a comeback earlier this year, just 3 (!!!!) months after giving birth to her baby. Jenny has surpassed many records, but one of the most impressive was training until her 8th month of pregnancy!

Jenny and Debra join Jess Baker, one of the school's most loyal stalwarts, who has trained in the school consistently for over 18 (!) years of which she has taught many of them. Completing the current team, is our newest team member, Marianne Lagrue, who is just as passionate and motivated as the instructors who have come before her. 

Marianne says: “The love of martial arts at the school has kept me here, as I’ve learned that love too.  And in the last few years that’s come directly from Kelly straight into my VEINS. I have long been but am now especially fiercely loyal to the school! This is partly because of how much individual people (primarily Kelly of course) have invested in me as a person and as a martial artist. I love passing on all Kelly has taught me to others.”

Our school is a place where your instructor knows your name, where you are an individual, not just one of many. Keen to join a welcoming family-feel club rather than a potentially lonely gym? 




KB Members returned to classes last week, full of fire, ready to get rid of the extra holiday calories and achieve amazing goals in 2022. We have been back for one week and already many new members have joined our Kickboxing classes in London




It is no secret, exercise is super important for both our mental and physical health. Leading a sedentary life is nothing short of reckless. Considering you are reading this page, it is safe to say that you have a good understanding of this and do not




Several new KB members started sparring at our Kickboxing classes in London last month. One of them, Nick, recently shared his thoughts regarding the experience:



Many of our members have been with us for almost 2 decades. Some members explain why training in the martial arts at KB Fitness is so good for you. They confirm that their confidence, fitness, body shape, stamina and flexibility have improved. Adam particularly believes he’s sleeping better as a direct result of Kickboxing, as well as feeling boosted.