Lineage is often referenced in the martial arts. Some would go so far as to say that a martial arts school which fails to reference their lineage lacks credibility.

Kelly Bunyan, KB Fitness’ Chief Instructor, is not inclined to believe that as she always says:

“The quality of instruction reigns supreme. That said, considering Kevin's 5-time world champion status, our martial arts school's lineage is certainly credible."

Kevin Brewerton was Kelly's instructor in Lau Gar Kung Fu. 
He recently wrote a new memoir: www.theseareafricanhands.com.

His first book was entitled, 'The Warrior Within,' which focused on the mental approach of a champion. His new book delves even deeper into his core. 

It is a marvel that London-based Kevin, travelled all the way to Farnham, Surrey, to run classes. Kelly lived in neighbouring Aldershot and discovered Kevin's Kung Fu classes through her science teacher - an introduction which set her up for life.

The martial arts is passed from one generation to the next. Starting at 11 years of age, Kevin's approach to teaching inspired Kelly to commence a lifelong commitment to training in the martial arts. She benefited tremendously from his teaching energy, which was a force to be reckoned with. Over the last couple of decades, he has taught multiple masterclasses in Kelly’s various London dojos. His presence is quite masterful.

Kevin’s and Kelly’s auras are their most striking similarity as instructors - their ability to motivate and ignite others.
Kelly comments on their different teaching styles:

“There is so much difference otherwise. Training in Kevin's school was all about using full force when doing Kung Fu partner work and sparring. I LOVED my training years and I am still addicted to training 37 years later, however in my Kickboxing school, the contact level is solid, but more controlled.”

Kelly put her own, individual stamp on the Lau Gar Kung Fu she was taught, hardening it and calling her version KB Kung Fu. She adds:

“I am so grateful for being introduced to the martial arts through Kung Fu, it is much richer, more artistic and skilful than the more modern approach to martial arts - i.e. Kickboxing alone. Thankfully, if you're just doing Kickboxing classes in my school, you have a Kung Fu based version which is much more graceful and traditional.”

Getting back to lineage, the best achievement when passing such ancient knowledge from one generation to the next, is yes, to maintain standards, or improve upon them, ensuring that the art form is not diluted, but most importantly, to ensure that good values pass from one generation to the next. Respect and decency reside at the core of the practice at KB Fitness. 

Kelly concludes:

"At this active stage of my life, I intend to remain at the helm of my school for years to come. It is fascinating to wonder though, just like I picked up the sword from Kevin, who will be my successor? All remains to be seen, but we have to sincerely hope that my teaching approach and associated ethics will make it through to the next generation somehow. It takes just one person. Time will tell who that person will be."

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