Training in a martial arts school such as KB Fitness provides a safe haven from the pressures of life. It is a gift to be able to enter an environment where you are able to escape from all that's going on in your world.

This is why people arrive in bad moods and walk out the door on a high, because they've switched off and focused solely on their martial arts; a nourishing respite.

The key to getting the most out of training with us at our kickboxing class and self-defence class in London, is to block out all other 'noise.' How bad/great your day was, how much you love/don't love your partner, how much you have to/don't have to do tomorrow etc.

Even if life is very positive and a form of escapism is surplus to requirements, it's a fact that we're leading very distracted lives. 

It's very rare that we're not touching our mobile devices, looking at or thinking about something. We're constantly multi-tasking (to varying degrees of efficiency). Concentrating solely on one beneficial activity is highly advantageous for our well-being.

At our London Kickboxing class, our members are encouraged to believe that the best approach is to be in the moment, throughout the entire evening of training. The eternal present is the space within which our whole life unfolds, the one factor that remains constant. Life is now. There was never a time when our life was not now, nor will there ever be.

As Kelly (KB), our Chief Instructor, has often said: "just be." When accomplished, the mind is more receptive and able to absorb the tuition. Over the years, 100s of people have had 'eureka' moments, where a certain technique or tactic has just clicked, as if it's the first time they've been shown it. Instead, it's been shown to them countless times but only at that moment, were they unequivocally receptive to the instruction.

Kelly (KB) adds:

“It takes years for me to fine-tune the higher grades. To accelerate the process, to become the best martial artist, I actively encourage my students to empty their mind when at their martial arts classes. Quietening our mind is a skill in itself; such stillness is challenging. Once mastered, all information is disseminated at an advanced pace, taken my student from the beginner level to a higher level much more swiftly."

Training in the martial arts in London with us is food for the soul, a place to recharge. 




Martial arts training has many different aspects, and different methods of delivering the traditional teachings that are passed down from master to student. Of these aspects, one of the most popular amongst KB members is sparring, which is fighting in a controlled manner. Sparring entails kicking, punching and blocking work with a partner, whilst wearing protective equipment.




Martial arts training requires focus, resilience, discipline and patience. Progression takes time, and can at times be challenging. In a world where negative thoughts may be the norm, where it may be easier to give up than persevere, KB Fitness’ martial arts classes London teach KB members to keep fighting and that, with practise, there is nothing they can’t master.




Inspired by one of our YouTube videos, KB members shared what they have gained from their KB Fitness training by completing the sentence “KB has made me…” in the school’s WhatsApp group.



Our members suggest you join KB Fitness to … “get fit, recharge, release endorphins, look forward to exercise, learn something new, have a great work-life balance, set goals, be addicted to boosting your well-being.” Jane mentions that the teaching team cares, it’s true, we really do. We want to motivate and lift you to a whole new high. Fancy benefiting in the same way?