KB Fitness Helps Business Improve Employee Wellbeing with Self Defence Training.

Fitness studio KB Fitness is showing businesses the benefits of self defence for their employees. Employers have been taking advantage of the studio's Self Defence Team Building and Corporate Self Defence Lessons to build employee wellness and are seeing positive results. Corporate self defence lessons are beneficial for both employees and their employers. Many employers value the wellbeing of their staff and understand the value that can be gained from employees learning to protect themselves. 

Self defence lessons not only teach employees how to physically protect themselves but can also have additional benefits that help them to improve wellness and performance at work. Employers are recognising the multiple benefits that corporate self defence lessons can have for their teams.

Learning self defence helps people to prepare for any situations when they might have to defend themselves or avoid unsafe situations. Employees can learn how to avoid or deal with physical threats, whether it's in the context of their jobs or in their personal lives. Some employers see these skills as valuable for their employees to learn to help improve their overall health and wellbeing. In addition to this, employers can see a number of other advantages from employees receiving self defence training.

Self defence lessons can raise self-confidence, which is a significant benefit that can be observed in the workplace. People who feel confident about protecting themselves also may experience lower levels of stress, leading to greater wellbeing and happier employees. Improved problem-solving skills are another advantage of employees learning self defence. These new skills can be applied at work, whether when working on practical projects or dealing with interpersonal issues.

Martial arts-based self defence training has also been shown to improve employee morale and enhance teamwork. Better collaboration and communication are both positive changes in the workplace that could lead to better working relationships and outcomes. Employees may also acquire a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind from learning self defence.

Robyn Copp-Barton from Natwest enjoyed a self defence session as a team bonding and wellbeing activity. She said, "This session was invaluable for beginners and Dee created a safe and supportive environment where we could ask any questions about the theory and practice. It was a great introduction and would 100% recommend it to anyone who is looking to become more knowledgeable about their personal safety.”

Gabrielle Louden from BP praised the lessons, saying, "I recently organised a workshop for my colleagues and it was absolutely fantastic! Dee was a brilliant trainer - she made everyone feel at ease to ask questions and try out moves. We felt so empowered by the end of the session."

KB Fitness offers corporate self defence lessons to employers in London and across the UK. They have worked with banks, retailers, universities, and more.




Martial arts training has many different aspects, and different methods of delivering the traditional teachings that are passed down from master to student. Of these aspects, one of the most popular amongst KB members is sparring, which is fighting in a controlled manner. Sparring entails kicking, punching and blocking work with a partner, whilst wearing protective equipment.




Martial arts training requires focus, resilience, discipline and patience. Progression takes time, and can at times be challenging. In a world where negative thoughts may be the norm, where it may be easier to give up than persevere, KB Fitness’ martial arts classes London teach KB members to keep fighting and that, with practise, there is nothing they can’t master.




Inspired by one of our YouTube videos, KB members shared what they have gained from their KB Fitness training by completing the sentence “KB has made me…” in the school’s WhatsApp group.



Many of our members have been with us for almost 2 decades. Some members explain why training in the martial arts at KB Fitness is so good for you. They confirm that their confidence, fitness, body shape, stamina and flexibility have improved. Adam particularly believes he’s sleeping better as a direct result of Kickboxing, as well as feeling boosted.