How many times in your life have you had the chance to be taught by a World Champion?

For most people reading this article, the answer would be zero. For KB Fitness’ members, however, it’s different.

Kevin Brewerton, five times World Kickboxing Champion, was KB Chief Instructor Kelly Bunyan’s instructor. As well as teaching and guiding her to her Kung Fu Black Sash at a young age, Kevin inspiring Kelly later in life to open her own martial arts school: KB Fitness.

Kevin (also known as “The Jedi” for his seemingly ability to sense what his opponents would do before they did it) has visited KB’s London Kickboxing dojo many times over the years, to teach masterclasses.

After a COVID-imposed hiatus, Kevin will be back this November to teach what will likely be KB’s busiest and most popular London Kickboxing class in 2022.

Kevin’s classes are always challenging, inspiring and fun. His charisma and years of experience make for a brilliant class that caters to all levels. The Kickboxing class will last 2 hours, culminating in a highly insightful Q&A session, where KB members will be able to ask questions about Kevin’s journey in the martial arts, and learn first-hand about how he became World Kickboxing Champion for five consecutive years.

When KB members sent their appreciation to Kelly KB for organising the event, Kelly said: “I've known Kevin for 38 years. He is a profoundly important figure in my life. I love being given the opportunity to share him with you.”

Jess, one of KB Fitness’ instructors, commented: “I've been lucky enough to have attended several of Kevin's Masterclasses at KB over the years and really recommend it, even if you're a total beginner. The Q&A is especially eye opening and will likely inspire you - not just in martial arts training, but in life. Kevin is such an interesting, inspiring and friendly person. And how often do you get the opportunity to meet a world champion?”

Kevin’s legacy and influence on KB’s teaching style are clear to see, for those who have trained under Kelly’s wing. Kelly was trained by a master and has become a master herself, teaching London Martial Arts and changing the lives of Londoners for the past 23 years.

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