KB Fitness is entering another year in its History - this time the 24th.

"Next year KB will have existed for a quarter of a century! It's easy to get carried away, planning future events. For example, I'll be hosting a massive party in 2024, as that is the year I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday, 25 years of my London school along with my and Dal's partnership, 20 years of one of my first networks, plus some other significant anniversaries," said Chief Instructor Kelly KB.

Setting and striving for goals has its place, but the key to enjoying martial arts training (and life!) is to not become so obsessive that you lose sight of the importance of now. Anchoring oneself in the present, and making the most of every breath we are granted, is more advantageous. Some people get so obsessed with what their future will be like that they limit their experience of the present. "I'll only be happy when I achieve X, Y and Z," should be reframed as, "I'm doing all I can to reach X, Y, and Z, but I'm determined to enjoy the journey."

Having an eye on where you'd like to go, and taking the necessary steps to

get there, is commendable. In a martial arts context, you can strive to get your KB Kickboxing black belt in 5 years, but feeling distraught and defeated at any potential hurdles because your precise schedule is derailed, is unhealthy. Rather, savour the moment and relish the fact that you are capable of training at all.

Kelly KB shares her views on New Year's resolutions: "As meticulous souls list their resolutions for the new year, I just continue to go with the flow, praying to the trees for good health and peace. It's no surprise that I've never been a fan of resolutions, considering I've never written a business plan in my life and never will. Some people are sticklers for life plans; I've never written one of those either. Whenever people have asked me where I see myself in X years, I've understood what they mean, and my answer is always the same: hopefully happy and alive, as that's ultimately all that matters to me. The rest is all a bonus."

Why not look at how to improve your life any and every day, not just when society tells you that you ought to - in January?

May this be a happy and healthy year for everyone. Belonging to a London martial arts school is a great way to achieve happiness and good health. So, why not join us for that experience and much more? Tap into the family feel in the school, and train regularly for your mental and physical health. KB Fitness' Instructors are looking forward to welcoming you to the school.




Martial arts training has many different aspects, and different methods of delivering the traditional teachings that are passed down from master to student. Of these aspects, one of the most popular amongst KB members is sparring, which is fighting in a controlled manner. Sparring entails kicking, punching and blocking work with a partner, whilst wearing protective equipment.




Martial arts training requires focus, resilience, discipline and patience. Progression takes time, and can at times be challenging. In a world where negative thoughts may be the norm, where it may be easier to give up than persevere, KB Fitness’ martial arts classes London teach KB members to keep fighting and that, with practise, there is nothing they can’t master.




Inspired by one of our YouTube videos, KB members shared what they have gained from their KB Fitness training by completing the sentence “KB has made me…” in the school’s WhatsApp group.



Our members say in this video, “KB has made me … fitter, healthier, energised, stronger, happier, flexible, thinking positive …” There are so many more benefits offered by our Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Self Defence classes. Lisa even says our school has made her believe in herself. Considering our members are reaping all these rewards, would you like to benefit from our martial arts classes too?