KB Fitness’ Chief Instructor Kelly KB has created a modernised version of martial arts classes at her school in Central London. In passing down the teachings of generations of martial artists before her, she combines the traditional tenets of discipline and respect, with positivity and humour. With such an accessible approach, it’s no wonder that KB Fitness is one of the most popular martial arts schools in London.

On Grading Day, Kelly as Chief Examiner has to present an objective demeanour to assess her students. However, KB’s weekly classes have a very different atmosphere, filled with much laughter and fun alongside the hard work This generates a positive environment, where the members connect

with and support one another.

“Thanks for classes Kelly! There were a lot of laughs today in addition to the amazing workout – the perfect combination,” said Zuzanna, one of Kelly’s students.

“DJ!” intones Ryan as soon as Kelly turns on the music and Marianne busts out a couple of dance moves before focusing on the drill. This perfectly describes the modern approach to martial arts that Kelly has created in her school.

Don’t be mistaken, KB members work very hard on their martial arts training. Kelly is very much a purist when it comes to KB Kickboxing and KB Kung Fu techniques, and the highest standards are expected from each of her students. But KB members are also encouraged to enjoy the relaxed energy in London Kickboxing classes, high five one another at the end of the drills, and even celebrate by whooping and cheering.

“After a long, stressful day at work, it’s refreshing to come to class and train in a positive environment where my emotional wellbeing is valued as much as my martial arts progress. Kelly has created a space where we can laugh with one another, achieve our goals, and feel like we are part of a family,” said Sonya, a long term KB student.

“This kind of approach brings people closer, forms bonds, and makes training in the martial arts even more valuable because people connect to it on a personal level. Kelly’s teaching approach is reflected in all the KB classes, too – you can see that her whole team have been trained by her personally to deliver a feel-good class every time,” adds Nick, who trains several times a week.

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