It’s a very exciting moment in KB history as we are a few days away from holding our first KB Kickboxing White Belt Grading.

The KB Kickboxing White Belt was created by Chief Instructor Kelly KB for the newer KB Fitness members who wish to get started on their grading journey early on.

In order to achieve the KB White Belt, KB members need to be training regularly in KB Kickboxing for 3 months. They will be assessed by their Chief Instructor in a grading that will last 45 minutes and, if they succeed in presenting what they have learned, they will be awarded the first of seven KB Kickboxing belts.

The response from beginners who are keen to take their KB White Belts has been incredible. Many have signed up for the two upcoming gradings.

Now, there’s a little twist to the story:

Since the KB Kickboxing White Belt is a new addition to KB Fitness’ belt system, making it the first of seven belts, members who are further in the grading spectrum now want to test their ability and earn that belt, too.

Kelly KB was a little amused at the prospect when two of her KB Black Belt standard students mentioned the idea. She was even more surprised to find out that more of her higher-grade students were excited by the idea.

“After 24 years of my school’s history, I decided to introduce the White Belt for the KB Kickboxing beginners who would like a lighter introduction into the grading journey. I am not surprised that some of the seasoned members would like to take that belt, since if there’s one thing I know about my students, it’s that they love a challenge!” said Kelly.

Kelly mentions that even though the KB White Belt is a lighter introduction to the grading system, by no means does that imply that KB members grading for their White Belt will not be 100% committed and thoroughly assessed. It simply means that the requirements for the new first KB Kickboxing Belt are different.

One of the biggest differences in the requirements is that KB members aiming to take the KB White Belt don’t need to spar (make contact wearing protective equipment). Their assessment will be solely based on their fitness, speed, and techniques in the air and during pad work.

“Being a KB Kickboxing Black Belt and KB Kung Fu Black Sash means that my grading journey is done. It was a beautiful journey and I worked hard for many years to get to the standard I am today. I am very proud of all I have achieved under Kelly’s tutelage and guidance. The new belt is a wonderful idea to welcome more beginners to a life-changing journey. Since that is the one KB grading I haven’t done, of course I would jump at the chance to do it, if Kelly allows it!” said Beth.

Beth’s commitment to her training is commendable. As an ‘Elite Squad’ member (KB Kickboxing Black Belt and KB Kung Fu Black Sash), she knows that even though her grading journey is over, this is just the start of a new path for her. After all, as a martial artist, there is always something new to learn.

“I think it could be a great way to support the newer members who are just starting, and we can assess our techniques in a different way than we did in our other gradings, since this will be a different style of KB Kickboxing grading. I am definitely up for it, if Kelly says we can do it,” said Kelly Fiestas, KB Kickboxing Black Belt.

“We will certainly be there on the day to support the KB White Belt graders, whether we will be taking part in the grading or not. I am very excited to see them progress and proudly achieve this great goal!” said Fredi.

And so the idea was posed, and many other higher grades are intrigued by it, too. Will Chief Instructor Kelly (KB) invite her higher grades to follow through, and join the grading?

Keen to find out the answer? Stay tuned for the upcoming KB news articles or come and join us for a KB Kickboxing London trial class. You could be aiming to take your KB Kickboxing White Belt, too.




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