“Thank you for class, Dee – it was super. Training is good for the soul. It makes me smile, relax, breathe and lets me be me. Thanks, Kelly, for creating a wonderful school, with amazing instructors and fabulous members,” said Beth, at the end of one of our KB Kickboxing classes.

After each KB Fitness class, the KB WhatsApp group is filled with thank you messages from the students to the instructors.

Many of our members like to express their gratitude for the positivity shared in the classes and for the attention and care of the instructors. Often, too,

they reiterate that KB classes are their haven away from their day-to-day lives, where they can relax and make themselves a priority.

Kelly KB said in response to the thank you messages: “Thank you for taking the time to thank me. A positive exchange of gratitude, at KB and beyond, is good for the soul.”

For those who have been with KB Fitness for many years, the gratitude becomes even deeper as, with the passage of time, KB members realise the impact their martial arts training has had on their lives.

Jess Baker, who’s been training in the martial arts at KB for 20 years, said: “I wanted to say another thank you to Kelly KB and Dee, for all your teaching, past and present. As Winter arrives and it gets cold and dark, I feel so much brighter knowing the KB dojo is there to lift my spirits in the evening, as well as making me feel much safer when I'm out and about at night. Thank you for all you do. Shout out to our KB Administrator Kelly FN, too, for taking such good care of all of us members.”

Chief Instructor Kelly KB and senior instructor Dee Terret give their heart and soul every week with the intent to nurture and empower Londoners to become fitter, stronger, and more confident. No matter the weather, no matter what is going on in their personal lives, Kelly and Dee are present and ready to make a difference in KB members’ lives.

Once upon a time, one of Kelly’s Black Belts said: “There would be no me without you.” This is the extent to which Kelly’s love for the martial arts and dedication to her students goes – as far as to save lives.

“Life can be difficult sometimes, and having KB classes always makes me feel better. They are a way to distract myself from whatever is going on outside the dojo, and a way to make me feel stronger physically and mentally. Thank you, Kelly and Dee, for always being there for each of us on a personal level, as well as being amazing role models and martial arts instructors. What you do for us matters, and I don't think it gets said enough. Thank you to the other instructors, too, for passing on Kelly's ethos and lesson plans so amazingly,” said Kelly Fiestas, who’s been a KB member for 9 years.

Kim, KB member for 2 years, said: “Our instructors and admin are the most amazing people with our best interests at heart. I couldn’t be more grateful for their dedication, dependable support and commitment to making us stronger mentally and physically.”

Kelly KB said: “Thank you for taking the time to express your gratitude. We appreciate you, too.”

It's wonderful to be appreciated and to know that we are making a difference in people’s lives. For however long KB members train with us, we hope that they make the most of it and carry a little bit of what they’ve learned with them into the outside world. Whether they train for a month, six months, or many years, we hope they are transformed for the better.

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Training in the martial arts goes beyond simply learning a sequence of movements in the dojo, or a weekly workout. It involves strengthening not only the body, but also the mind. The journey to martial arts mastery cannot be traversed alone. Instruction and guidance along the way is essential, and will help you have a smoother journey.




KB Fitness provides exclusive content to its members, so that they can make the most of their KB membership and feel supported in their martial arts journey.




“Our journey together goes far beyond physical combat training our martial arts academy is a sanctuary for self-discovery, personal growth, and profound transformation,” said Chief Instructor, Kelly KB.



Many of our members have been with us for almost 2 decades. Some members explain why training in the martial arts at KB Fitness is so good for you. They confirm that their confidence, fitness, body shape, stamina and flexibility have improved. Adam particularly believes he’s sleeping better as a direct result of Kickboxing, as well as feeling boosted.